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“Jethro has that rarest of gifts, a perfectly proportioned mind, eye, and instinct for delivering his eloquent artistic erudition like a lighting bolt of intuitive energy to the moment. Jethro sees through his heart with eyes and feelings that transcend mere words. This man performs music with his camera. His language is visual, a voice for a depth of his being.”

- Burk Uzzle

"Jethro has always been my co-director, my co-editor, and my number one space cowboy co-pilot. If you decide to work with him in any capacity I can assure you he will greet you and your project from the heart and with a squinty eye, just in case. You need both, you see.”

- Angel Olsen

Jethro Waters is a Writer, Filmmaker, and Photographer whose work has been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, Billboard, among many other publications and media outlets. He has made a wide range of films with teams from various professions - publishing, art, academia, cinema, music, and commercial. He most recently directed the feature film "f/11 and Be There" and the short feature “In Love’s Shadow” - both will have international releases in 2018, both produced by David Raymond. He has made music documentaries and music videos for Angel Olsen, Natalie Prass, River Whyless, Eric Slick, Matthew E. White, and a host of other musicians and artists.